About us

Bringing big change by building tiny schools is our motto. The Tiny School Movement is a NGO that aims to facilitate access to education for all in order to make a change in the lives of underprivileged children by building sustainable, mobile and versatile schools throughout Indonesia that will promote the growth of free education to ensure that each and every child has a chance to succeed in life. A significant global problem faced by a large number of children all over the world is that they do not have access to proper education, which is often caused by the lack of educational spaces, therefore we hope to achieve the goal of helping underprivileged children in Indonesia to attain good quality education by constructing mobile schools to provide educational spaces for those who do not have access to education. TSM will construct specifically moveable schools due to the degree of uncertainty associated with maintaining a school in a specific plot of land, especially with the unpredictable rainy seasons in Indonesia; by doing so, we further aim to make education more accessible throughout the country and reduce the extensive number of children - 4,400,000 according to the United Nations - who do not have proper quality education. Through our initiatives, the Tiny School Movement organization will construct new schools that the less privileged students can attend free classes in, therefore turning the lack of quality education into the flourishing of new ideas and success. Our current project is rebuilding a preschool in a location near to our high school; the preschool used to exist but it is now demolished and thus it is now our commitment to help the children receive the education they deserve back by providing a learning facility. 

bringing big change by building tiny schools