• Tiny School Movement TSM

Design 1

This design follows the traditional design of school buildings with the triangular roof on top; although this roof design is simple, it is effective as it allows rain to easily flow down the structure and into the water pipes located around the bottom areas of the roof. Jakarta experiences rainy seasons very often and the excessive rain is a common problem that often causes detriments, hence the implementation of water pipes all around the roof avoids this.

Additionally, the stairs prevent the possibility of floods entering the building as it elevates the entrance into the school.

This design has a main focus on skylights (a light-transmitting structure that forms part of the roof space) as it allows a highly adequate amount of natural daylight to flow into the school and thus allow students to work in a properly lit environment. This eliminates the need for electrically powered light sources which will require the consumption of energy.

On the right wall of the school, there is a green wall and a sustainable recycling bin. The green wall will not only allow students to learn how to protect and nurture nature, but will also benefit the environment as it promotes environmental-friendly actions in the Bulaken Shanty area.

Next to the green wall is a recycling bin which is divided into compartments that will enable members of the Bulaken Shanty who are working as recyclable waste collectors to earn money more efficiently. It will also teach the local community the importance of recycling and its environmental benefits.

On the left wall of the school will be a mural that includes the names of the many donators to this project to express our appreciation for their aid.

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