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Design 2

This design follows a more modern approach towards the design of a school with a mono pitch roof; the angle at which the roof is implemented allows rainwater to flow down the structure with ease and into the water pipe located at the bottom area of the back of the roof. Jakarta is a city with frequent rainy seasons that often results in damages, therefore the easy surface runoff of the angular roof avoids any inconveniences. The modern look allows the Bulaken Shanty to have a step towards the generation’s new aesthetic and away from their usual past aesthetic.

The foundation of this design incorporates an apron (a slab of material that is placed around the perimeter of the building to provide a smooth transition between different grades of concrete), which elevates the entire layout of the building and therefore prevents floods from heavy rainfalls from entering the structure.

This design will incorporate sustainable lighting by using recycled plastic bottles filled with water and chemicals that will reflect light throughout the entire classroom inside the school; this is sustainable for the environment by eliminating the requirement of electricity.

On the right wall of the school are a window and a green wall. The green wall will not only allow students to learn how to protect and nurture nature, but will also benefit the environment as it promotes environmental-friendly actions in the Bulaken Shanty area.

On the left wall of the school are two windows, which allows natural daylight to enter the school and allows the learning environment to have a lighter and brighter atmosphere. There is also a recycling bin that is divided into compartments that will enable members of the Bulaken Shanty who are working as recyclable waste collectors to earn money more efficiently. It will also teach the local community the importance of recycling and its environmental benefits.

This design includes a play area with a bench at the side of the school on the apron. This area allows the children to play on a surface that is safe and clean during breaks in between classes; the bench provided will be recycled and allows the students to rest outdoors while enjoying the weather.

The back wall of the school will be a mural that includes the names of the many donators to this project to express our appreciation for their aid.

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